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Raw is fun! (Roh macht froh! auf Englisch)

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CHORUS: It’s in our green funny house where great fun and smiles arouse
we eat raw, we eat raw causing happiness for all

1. My mother doesn’t need a stove to bake fancy cakes
and grandma says, ‘oh, no way’ her head she boldly shakes
‘Don’t we need butter, flour, eggs and sugar a pound?
to have in our oven something yummy, brown and round’
but hear my mother’s laughter: ‘well, listen what comes after:’

2. From carrots and a coconut a tasty mash I make
sweetest raisins, dates and figs I cut and chop then shake
Bananas, almonds, lemons I add to it, too
oh how we love that layer cake in a fashion brand new
see as I said above - we do not need a stove

3. When I hit home from kindergarden so curious to know
I overtake the wind to be the very first in row
‘What’s on today?’ My daily question following my hike
my mummy says ‘be patient kid, I do know what you like’
the fridge door opens wide - oh what a splendid sight!

4. Olives, curly kale and peppers I eat fresh and pure
lamb’s lettuce, carrots, maize and topinambur
Our sprouts we grow ourselves, sweet chestnuts are the hit
tomatoes, avocados contribute a bit
so beautiful and nice - a pleasure for my eyes

5. And when there is a party with lots of music and fun
all the friends sing happily, from everywhere they come
Kiwis, figs and golden mangoes we dish up
yellow straws in coconuts and everyone’s cheered up
don’t you think this is great? - if so, don’t you be late!

6. And when we roam the fields and woods and wander through the land
tarzanish we move and travel hand over hand
We like doing push-ups, pull-ups and forward rolls and eat clover and dandelion, try everything that grows
nature, we love you - we’re laughing at the flu

Text: Brigitte Rondholz (Special English translation: Alexis Danner); Musik: Stephen Janetzko
Verlag: © Edition SEEBÄR-Musik Stephen Janetzko, Web: www.kinderlieder-und-mehr.de

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